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About Us

The Firm


Since our formation in 1984, we have evolved to be one of the top practices located in Galway. We are known for our long term, personalised service with our clients. We know that our success is measured by our client's success, if you are achieving your goals, we know we are doing our job.

We combine the technical expertise of a larger accounting firm with the intimate approach of a smaller practice. Our team of accountants, tax consultants and other advisors work closely with our clients to understand their business goals and devise solutions to help them achieve these goals.

Our client’s needs are our key drivers. They keep us striving to do more, to go further, to realise the best outcome for their business requirements. In turn, we deliver precise solutions, innovative strategies, and expert financial advice, all borne of industry experience and rigorous thought.

Enough about our Firm, what can we do for your business?

Why choose Lillis Egan O Beirn & Co as your audit, financial and tax partners;

• We are in business for over 35 years advising clients and businesses on how to grow from strength to strength by understanding their industry and advising on how best to position themselves by using their own assets while being fully complaint with all accounting and Revenue legislation.
• We understand that there is more to annual accounts than figures. It is about identifying your businesses key goals and requirements.
• We know that small businesses of 1 to 3 people behave completely differently to larger businesses of 20+ employees and we look to accommodate the specific needs of both. From the long-time established business who is looking to bring a more professional service provider to their table to the newly formed start up.
• We know that your peace of mind can only be secured by us meeting every deadline each year with the Revenue and other regulators.
• We know that value for money is your measure of our service and we strive to provide same.